NYC Media Lab and Verizon to Offer Free Immersive Educational Content to US-based Educators

The NYC Media Lab announced new immersive educational content for all US-based educators. Developed in partnership with Verizon for the $1M Museum Initiative, more than 50 free augmented reality (AR)- and virtual reality (VR)-focused lesson plans are available on Verizon Innovative Learning HQ.

Through the $1M Museum Initiative, nine institutions utilized the power of 5G to create lesson plans based on existing apps available on Verizon Innovative Learning HQ. Live on the portal, the Museum Initiative lesson plans cover various K-12 subject matter. The NYC Media Lab and Verizon encourage K-12 teachers, administrators, enrichment program leaders, etc.—to create their free account and explore immersive resources designed to help students learn dynamically and innovatively.

While there are nine participating museums, here are a few of the offerings:

  • Children’s Creativity Museum (San Francisco, CA): Working with the 5G Covet: SNR  House app, students explore Wi-Fi signal strength and radio wave interference using various household materials.
  • Liberty Science Center (Jersey City, NJ): Harnessing the immersive power of the Visceral Science app, middle school students gauge how astronomers measure distances throughout the Universe.
  • Providence Children’s Museum (Providence, RI): Elementary schoolers explore how experience shape identity through the Unsung AR app.
  • The Franklin Institute (Philadelphia, PA): High school students use the Looking Inside: Cells VR app to explore the structure of brain cells and neural networks.

Register for a free Verizon Innovative Learning HQ account to access over 275 lesson plans and the edtech apps referenced above.

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