Orb-Shaped Cargo Robot With Wheels Lightens The Load

A new bot is about to join the aspirational ranks of robots in the business or carrying and delivering, and it’s made by Piaggio — the same company that created the Vespa scooter.


This bot is called Gita, and it’s a bright blue orb-shaped cargo robot with wheels that Piaggio says has the same “braking, balancing and vehicle dynamics that you would expect of a high-performance motorcycle,” which is a little dubious. But Gita has a top speed of 22mph, and it can supposedly either follow its owner around or navigate environments on its own.


Piaggio’s robotics division told TechCrunch that Gita is going to be less about making deliveries and more about augmenting jobs that require a lot of equipment, like maintenance or gardening. That makes a little more sense than a city full of Gitas following humans back from the grocery store, even if it’s a little less futuristic.

Cute bot follows you around with all your stuff

This cute bot will roll after you with your stuff.

Posted by Circuit Breaker on domingo, 5 de febrero de 2017

More information: The Verge

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