PCN InterMax Modules Enable Industrial Ethernet on Existing Wiring

Deploy Industrial IP Networks by Repurposing Existing Wire into Ethernet Infrastructure

PCN Technology Inc. (PCN), a leading communications equipment and services company that designs, manufactures and markets Industrial Internet connectivity products, today announces the availability of its new high-performance InterMax™ product line.

InterMax™ products allow both discrete and process automation networks to use existing copper wiring of any type within control, fieldbus and sensor applications operating on two wire, twisted pair and coax including specialty or proprietary cabling as a virtual long-distance CAT 5 cable. InterMax™ facilitates high-bandwidth communication across a myriad of industrial topologies and architectures enabling the deployment of TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP, Profinet, among others.

For industrial applications, such as manufacturing facilities, oil and gas refineries, semiconductor wafer-fabs, etc., it can be both costly and complex to deploy Ethernet networks when having to effectively rip out and replace the legacy wiring infrastructure. To do so requires tremendous capital expense, planning, prolonged interruption to operations and the risky prospect of revenue impact. These factors all contribute to the likelihood of not having the needed budget, mounting concerns about dealing with unplanned surprises and ultimately pushing out the project’s implementation – ultimately losing business competitiveness by delaying the move from old technology to a new Industrial Internet enabled network.

PCN’s newest line of InterMax™ products provide industrial network operators with the capability of repurposing their existing wiring to facilitate the accelerated deployment of Industrial Internet networks by simply reusing all of the existing cabling currently in operation. PCN InterMax™ products allow existing cabling to be repurposed for industrial Ethernet up to 2000 feet and even further when InterMax™ Repeaters are integrated into the topology.

InterMax™ products provide a migration or upgrade path for industrial manufacturers, oil & gas facilities among other discrete and process manufacturers looking for robust, reliable and secure ways to deploy industrial Ethernet technologies. With over 20,000 products installed to date in the most adverse of environments, PCN Technology continues to demonstrate its leadership in Industrial Ethernet technologies.


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