Phantom Space Expands Services in Space with StratSpace Purchase

Phantom Space Corporation announced the successful acquisition of StratSpace, that will allow it to cover the full spectrum of primary space services: from satellites to launch to space data infrastructure. This is the company’s first strategic acquisition to integrate core space technologies as part of its mission to transform the space transportation industry.

For the past 20 years, Stratspace has provided management, engineering and manufacturing support to 46 successful space missions and satellite programs. Phantom will integrate StratSpace’s core technologies to solidify its position as one of the only global providers of daily, low-cost and transparent access to space with its own launch vehicles: the Daytona and Laguna rockets. 

StratSpace led the development of the world’s first solar sails (Lightsail 1 and 2 and Cosmos-1), systems engineering and launch integration roles in the world’s first mass manufactured imaging satellites at Skybox imaging, systems engineering for the 100 satellite constellation Iridium Next and numerous DoD satellite systems. StratSpace also played key roles in the development of rideshare launch services at Spaceflight Systems. For more information, visit:

Original Release: PR Newswire

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