Recovering From Ransomware Attack—Ah, Did You Forget Something?

Apricorn announced new findings from the Apricorn 2022 Global IT Security Survey. Front and center in these findings? While most organizations have data backup plans in place, the data is still at risk. Four hundred veteran IT security practitioners across a wide range of industries took part.

Most respondents (93%) say they have a ransomware readiness plan, but significant gaps exist concerning adequate backup and cyber resilience practices, including:

  • A full 26% view the cloud as too risky for data backup
  • Only one in three back up to both the cloud and encrypted hardware storage devices
  • Eighty-two percent want their organizations to require encrypted hardware USB usage, but only 34% have mandated such a policy
  • A mere 20% back up in real time
  • 18% employ the long-established best practice for backup: the 3-2-1 method

If organizations do not have an adequate data backup strategy and haven’t been attacked, they are lucky—not secure or resilient. Having data backed up in only the cloud or only offline is not sufficient.

Among those surveyed, 25% of respondents noted that the strict hybrid work policies they put in place are not being adhered to by employees, despite 82% of them continually reinforcing those policies to employees. Additionally, 60% of respondents do not back up their data or devices before working remotely – further weakening their organization’s data resilience. While many organizations have considered backup and resiliency initiatives and ransomware readiness, more needs to be done to strengthen them.

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