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RF filter series offers high attenuation at communication frequencies


Murata has announced the NFZ03SG_SN series, an RF filter in 0201 size for audio lines in portable devices such as smartphones and tablets. Quality of sound has become a competitive selling point in portable devices and measures must be taken to avoid distortion caused by the necessary RF filtering in audio lines.

The NFZ03SG_SN series, now in mass production, is the smallest chip filter on the market at 0201 size giving high attenuation at communication frequencies while introducing very low distortion to audio signals. Parts within the range can be selected for typical attenuation impedances between 330 and 1,600Ω at 900MHz and between 400 and 1,200Ω at 1.7GHz. DC resistances range between 0.6 and 1.7Ω and rated current between 305 and 180mA.

At 0201 chip size, the filter is the smallest in the market matching the component density requirements of modern portable devices. This is achieved by proprietary ferrite and manufacturing technology.

The filter has an operating and storage temperature range of -55°C to +125°C.

Source Murata

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