Specialized InfraBlockchain Enables Three Use Levels

Recognizing current Blockchain limitations, Blockchain Labs just launched InfraBlockchain, enabling the design of government, public sector, and enterprise networks for three different levels of use. For example, for internal use, there is a permissioned blockchain, a consortium version for limited group use, and a completely public one so that anyone can participate. The new version addresses the technical problems that have until now, prevented mass adoption.

InfraBlockchain is a trust-building platform that provides a blockchain-based, open smart-contract system as an IT infrastructure. It is designed to combine the technological advantages of a public blockchain and the values of a private blockchain that protects personal information and manages sensitive data.

InfraBlockchain features include:

  • It overcomes the technical limitations of a private blockchain while achieving both high-performance and data security with its unique architecture featuring a Proof-of-Transaction and fiat-based-transaction fees.
  • It is customizable to meet your organization’s needs. The format is easily expanded and is convenient for adapting to future technological advancements.
  • A Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus algorithm greatly saves the cost of gaining trust and building a safer IT infrastructure for all participating enterprises.

Making adoption easier, based on a consensus mechanism, InfraBlockchain technology supports a flexible transition from one network design to another. A selective anonymity feature safely shields sensitive data, such as personal information. Cryptocurrencieslike Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum are not a part of InfraBlockchain, which eliminates regulatory and accounting concerns with its use. See more information at InfraBlockchain

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