Spectral DSP Announces Breakthrough in Waveform Technologies, Slashing 5G Deployment Price Tag

5G has stalled because of its high implementation cost. Now, however, based on a Spectral DSP patent-pending, cost-efficient waveform that is inserted into base station software and handsets, sending a modified cellular signal at the same bitrate as standard OFDM uses half of the amplified energy. Telcos currently spend 6% of their operating expenses on energy costs and must reduce their cost by 30% per annum to maintain margins and cater to 5G traffic. New base stations cost $250,000 on average to build.

Signal testing is complete on the national NSF PAWR COSMOS testbed site. A newly invented signal, created using DFT Spread OFDM with Harris Tapered Nyquist Filter, demonstrates an extraordinary PAPR (peak-to-average power ratio) improvement. The PAPR reduction improves cell coverage and increases the radiated transmit power. Increased power permits the use of a larger cell radius for the same transmission energy level as traditional OFDM, so that fewer cell sites are necessary.

Original Source: PR Newswire

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