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Surfacide UV Robots Fight COVID-19

Surfacide’s Helios System of UV robots are helping to protect and keep young patients and healthcare workers safe in more than a dozen pediatric hospitals. Surfacide claims that it is the world’s first and only patented, automated, multiple-emitter UV-C system that safely eradicates harmful bacteria and viruses. By using three light-emitting robots simultaneously, Surfacide provides UV-C energy to more exposed areas than single emitters in a quick, five-minute application.

In addition to pediatric hospitals, the robot technology is also used in more than 500 hospitals, hotels, and other large institutions around the world.

The Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital reported an 86% decrease in bacteria contaminant counts after using Surfacide in comparison to 63% with traditional cleaning methods.

There are peer-reviewed published studies from the University of Iowa that discuss the efficacy of Surfacide’s automated, multiple emitter UV-C system against coronavirus MERS-CoV. To view all studies, click HERE.

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