Take the 2021 Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Survey

DevOps Institute announced the launch of the 2021 SRE Survey that is expected to provide a more in-depth understanding of how SRE teams are organized, how they are measured, and a deep dive into specific automation needs within SRE teams.

The survey looks at the practices, organizational dynamics, and critical changes to the SRE role over the last year to provide a baseline and continue to advance the enterprise SRE role in 2021 and beyond.

The survey will focus on collecting such data as:

  • Organizational structures, topology, and team composition
  • Where the responsibility of SRE lies and what has changed since last year
  • Specific practices that lead to improved automation work
  • Key automation topics which are essential for SRE work

For each survey taken, Catchpoint is donating $5 to Devices for Students to ensure all students have access to digital learning opportunities. Take the survey now.

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