Tesla Chops Employees Via Email

Tesla continues to lay off its employees in multiple departments, including software, engineering, and service, just weeks after the company announced that it is shrinking its headcount by 14,000, according to a new report from Electrek.

Recently laid-off employees discovered their fate via an email that said they were getting cut because “there was no reasonable accommodation” for their roles and that they didn’t qualify for any other internal or external positions at the company, according to The Verge, which obtained the memo from an anonymous employee. The email veers from traditional layoff emails, where workers are thanked for their time at the company and wished well.

Last week, Tesla cut hundreds of jobs in its Supercharging sector and abruptly ended its summer internship program, disappointing students who were already enrolled. Tesla CEO Elon Musk reportedly told employees last week that they need to be “absolutely hard core about headcount and cost reduction” and that staff members of executives who “don’t obviously pass the excellent, necessary and trustworthy test” will be terminated.

Tesla began laying off its workforce this year shortly after its first-quarter earnings report and lower vehicle sales, down 8.5% year-over-year. The company’s automotive revenue decreased by 13% year-over-year, and its total revenues declined by 9% year-over-year.

And, it appears, as of this morning, that Tesla reduced over 3,400 U.S. job openings to three.

Tesla is not alone. This year, 254 companies have made 60,000 tech job cuts, according to Layoffs.fyi. Amazon, Apple, Google, TikTok, Microsoft, and others have slashed many positions despite record profits, and some startups have permanently shut their doors.

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