Tesla Recalls Nearly All Its Cars in China Over Braking Defect

Data from the China Automotive Technology and Research Center and Bloomberg Intelligence showed that around 1,129,055 cars were sold by Tesla in China from 2014 through March.

Tesla just recalled and will have to fix 1.1 million electric cars in China, nearly all the vehicles it had sold within the country, for braking defects. The 1.1 million electric autos were made by Tesla at its Shanghai factory or imported between January 2019 and April 2023. The company will deliver an over-the-air software fix, according to the State Administration for Market

The problem occurs when drivers take their foot off the accelerator to slow the vehicle down. The additional power is transferred to the car’s battery to charge it up, and the deceleration rate remains uncertain. This results in an increased risk of collision. There are also chances that the driver may step on the accelerator pedal, wrongly thinking that it’s the brake.

According to a recent notice, Tesla will also need to send an electronic notification to the people driving the car if they depress the accelerator for a longer period.

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