The AD74115H: A Multi-Use, Software-Configurable Control Device for Industrial Applications

As industrial control systems continue to evolve, the need for versatile, adaptable devices remains at the forefront of design engineer’s minds. The AD74115H, a single-channel, software-configurable input and output device, meets this need perfectly, offering a wide range of integrated capabilities on a single chip for various industrial control applications.

The versatility of the AD74115H lies in its wide-ranging use cases. The device can handle analog output, analog input, digital output, digital input, resistance temperature detector (RTD), and thermocouple measurement capabilities. In addition to these functionalities, the AD74115H comes equipped with an integrated HART modem. Communications with this device, including those involving the HART modem, are managed using a serial peripheral interface (SPI).

Moreover, the AD74115H supports higher speed data rates through the general-purpose input and output (GPIO) pins or SPI, allowing easy access to digital input and outputs. The device boasts a 16-bit, Σ-Δ analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and a 14-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC). Adding to its robustness, the AD74115H includes a high accuracy 2.5 V on-chip reference, which can be utilized as the DAC and ADC reference.

Optimized power solutions are made possible in end applications when the AD74115H is used in conjunction with the ADP1034 companion product, thanks to the programmable power control (PPC) on the positive analog supply, AVDD. If unipolar capability is required, an on-chip charge pump can be enabled.

The range of applications for the AD74115H is vast, from isolated industrial control systems, process control, factory automation, to building control systems.

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