The Crownstone Smart Power Outlet Recognizes Your Devices Based On Energy Consumption

Since the craze these days is connecting pretty much everything, here’s another way you can make your home smarter and more IoT-friendly.

A start-up artificial intelligence technology company called DoBots has recently released its newest invention to the public — a smart power outlet that can be connected your devices and even come to recognize devices that are plugged into it based on how much energy they consume.

Crownstone smart power outlet. (Image via Kickstarter)
Crownstone smart power outlet. (Image via Kickstarter)

The outlet, called Crownstone, uses Bluetooth Low-Energy to establish your presence through your smartphone and recognizes devices by means of current and voltage measurements, basically making it easy for you to come and go as you please without worrying about turning off your gadgets when you leave.

Crownstone outlets come in two varieties: ready-made and self-installed so, so you can decide which option is best for you depending on your expertise.

So how can you use Crownstone outlets in your home?

The company boast’s about its product’s functionality. According to DoBots, Crownstone can help prevent fires by detecting when an electric stove has been left on, notifies you if someone unplugs your TV while you’re out, reminds you to recharge your phone, turns off all of your appliances when you leave (except the refrigerator), and even child-proofs the outlets for you when nothing is plugged in. The company provides a variety of other uses on its Kickstarter page.

Most of the early-bird specials have been sold out already, but if you’re interested head over to Crownstone’s Kickstarter campaign and you can order a kit of 2 Crownstones for $167 (expected delivery September 2016).

For more information visit Crownstone’s Kickstarter.

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