The Current State of the Electronics Supply Chain

With experts from Digi-Key Electronics

It’s no surprise that there are electronics shortages we face today. But from those disruptions to the current situation in Ukraine, it almost seems like the industry can’t catch a break. And while supply chain professionals have had to face problems over the course of their careers, it seemed to be one problem at a time. For example, an earthquake in Japan affected your capacitors or a diode issue with one manufacturer in Taiwan. Today, however, supply chain pros are faced with an unprecedented, spread-out problem that takes the issues to a whole new level.

Dive into this episode of the EEDI Podcast where we’re joined by Digi-Key Experts to discuss these shortages, combating them, and the value of specific tools that can assist and change the way we work.

Our Guests:

Margaret Cunha, Sr Director Supply Chain Solutions

Michael Rankins Regional Supply Chain Solutions Director East

Nathan Pray Manager, Digital Technology Office – B2B

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