Lightning Round: The MAX22196 for Enhanced Industrial Control and Automation

Welcome to another Lightning Round!

In this episode, Josh Fankhauser, Product Line Manager in Analog Devices’ industrial and automation group, introduces the game-changing MAX22196—an eight-channel, industrial digital input device that sets new standards for flexibility and robustness in the industry. Join Josh as he highlights the key features of the MAX22196, including configurable sync and source inputs, precise current limiting, and integrated surge and ESD protections.

The MAX22196 stands out with its individually configurable inputs, offering unparalleled versatility across various modes. This adaptability enhances compatibility with different systems, empowering customers to optimize their solutions for a wide range of applications, such as PLCs. The MAX22196 truly shines in the PLC space, particularly in configurable input modules. Its ability to cater to both sink and source requirements differentiates it from other digital inputs available in the market.

As we look ahead to the future trends in industrial automation, the MAX22196 aligns perfectly. Its focus on optimized low-power dissipation and compact form factors addresses the market’s demand for smaller, more efficient solutions. The integrated surge and ESD protections ensure robustness and maximum uptime in factory settings. Furthermore, the configurable nature of the MAX22196 makes it a single chip solution with a global reach, catering to various end markets across the world.

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