This is Not a Car Crash, Apple

It seemed like a good idea—you’re driving, get into an accident, and your iPhone 14 and Apple Watch come to the rescue—helping the driver get emergency services. However, it seems that the technology is overachieving a bit.

Not only does the crash detection tech dial 9-1-1 when an accident occurs, but it is also dialing emergency services when the wearers are riding roller coasters.

When Sara White, a 39-year-old dentist, went to Kings Island park in Ohio, her iPhone 14 Pro automatically dialed 9-1-1 when she was soaring at 53 miles an hour on Mystic Timbers, a 109-foot-tall roller coaster. The iPhone dutifully called the crisis number stating that Sara was in a severe car crash.

Naturally, emergency services responded but couldn’t find the crash at the park.

Apple defended its technology—expecting it to improve over time. In the meantime, parks are beginning to put out warnings that your iPhone 14 and Apple Watch should be turned off or switched to airplane mode during extreme coaster rides.

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