Thoughtworks: ML to Propel IoT

Thoughtworks released Volume 27 of the Technology Radar, a biannual report based on the company’s global observations, conversations, and frontline experiences solving tough business challenges.

With the growth of computational power on devices of all sizes and types and open-source tools being more prevalent and easy to use, ML is accessible even by small organizations. These organizations are finding techniques, such as federated machine learning to provide greater privacy for sensitive information in IoT and mobile use cases. Open source tools are helping to build transparency in how the algorithms are interpreting and acting on data

Highlights of Technology Radar Vol. 27 include:

  • The mainstreaming of ML
  • The power of platforms as a product
  • Moving data ownership to the edges
  • Mobile should also be modular

Visit to explore the interactive version of the Radar or download the PDF version.


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