Upgrade your apartment’s intercom with the Monkey smart entry system

Those who live in apartment buildings grow accustom to buzzing visitors or deliveries in and having to use a physical key to get in and out of the building.

It turns out, smart home products are not only for those who own houses. Hardware and software engineering lab, Locumi Labs, has created a solution for apartment dwellers, so they can reap the benefits of smart home technology as well.

Monkey Chip.
Monkey Chip

The Monkey works with existing smart locks. It is a WiFi-enabled chip that can be installed into existing intercom phones to enable keyless entry without modifying the door.  Monkey is compatible with all intercom system and is connected via Wi-Fi.

Using the monkey, visitors or deliveries can enter the building without a physical key since the users have access to the door via the app (available for iOS and Android devices).

According to the company, renters can install the Monkey device within three minutes, without permission from the landlord or  an electrician.

What can Monkey do?

Monkey allows you to enter your home without a key. The device detects your smartphone as you approach the main entrance and will automatically unlock for you. It can also be combined with smart locks on your apartment door.  Users can remotely open the main entrance door with the Monkey app, either from inside the building or anywhere in the world. This means that deliveries and guests can enter without the renter even being home.


Locumi Labs launched a Kickstarter campaign for its Monkey. The company has already raised over $112,000 of its initial $56,000 funding goal. If you’re interested, you can pre-order a Monkey for an early-bird special price of $67. Shipping is set to begin June 2016.

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