U.S. Air Force Buys 15 Silent Arrow Cargo Delivery Drones

Silent Arrow announced the United States Air Force has awarded the company a contract entitled “Guided Bundle Derivative of Silent Arrow for Side Door and Palletized Swarm Deployment at High Speeds and Altitudes.

Under contract, the Silent Arrow GD-2000 platform will be scaled down and redesigned as a new product line called the Silent Arrow Precision Guided Bundle (SA-PGB), to be developed as an autonomous cargo delivery glider. It is specifically designed for side door and multi-unit (swarm) ramp deployment, compatible with a much-expanded fleet of delivery aircraft ranging from the civilian Cessna Caravan to the military C-17.

Design and engineering work for the AFRL-sponsored SBIR II contract will take place at Silent Arrow corporate headquarters in Irvine, California. Initial specifications include 500-pound max weight, 350-pound cargo capacity, 39 inches long and deployable from high altitudes and airspeeds.

Original Release: PR Newswire

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