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Watch: Bill Gates Checks Out Awesome Robots at Harvard Lab

Last week, Bill Gates published a video on his website, GatesNotes, which documented his visit to a Harvard University robotics lab to learn about the many robots being developed.

His experience smashed preconceived notions about what robots are — and no, they’re not just Terminator-like.
He encountered robotic gloves, robotics bees, and soft, 3D printed robots.

His journey reiterated what we know to be true: robotic technology presents solutions to medical, maintenance, and research challenges while opening the door to innovation.

“These incredible creations are powerful examples of the exciting innovation underway in the field of robotics. They were also a reminder that while science fiction writers may lead us to fear a future of Terminator-style robots, robotics discoveries have far greater potential to improve our lives. They could offer physical support and assistance, help with search and rescue efforts, and meet medical and other technological challenges.”
Bill Gates

Watch his video below to learn more about the robotics coming out of Harvard University.

Source GatesNotes

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