Wearables With Clinically-Accurate Vital Signs To Launch 2021

Leman Micro Devices has announced that the first smartphones, wearables and mobile devices with its V-Sensor will launch onto the market in 2021.

LMD’s V-Sensor is the only health sensor that measures five vital signs – blood pressure, blood oxygen (Sp02), respiration rate, pulse rate, and body temperature – to medical accuracy, completely cuff-less and calibration free, with no other devices needed.  Results are delivered on-screen in less than one minute in LMD’s e-Checkup app.

V-Sensor-enabled smartphones, wearables and mobile devices are convenient – consumers are used to banking, messaging, taking photos and running many aspects of their lives with their phones.  V-Sensor now brings the measurement of vital signs for personal health to the same devices. Bundled with a phone, V-Sensor and e-Checkup are effectively free to the consumer, in the same way as a phone camera.

At CES 2021, the first-ever miniature standalone V-Sensor device which delivers results to a smartphone via Bluetooth will be launched.  Visitors to the all-digital CES can also watch a video of a live demonstration of the V-Sensor and e-Checkup measuring blood pressure on a smartphone.

Developed over the last nine years, the V-Sensor is a tiny module with a fingertip-shaped depression on its surface, containing a MEMs pressure sensor embedded in flexible resin. The V-Sensor also contains an optical sensor, a temperature sensor and LMD’s custom Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) which conditions and digitizes the signals from the sensors and drives the LEDs and communication.

First generation fitness trackers measure activity (such as steps taken over time), while today’s second-generation devices measure the easier health targets such as pulse rate. V-Sensor heralds the third generation of mobile, wearable and phone personal health monitors.  It delivers vital signs results to clinical accuracy, including blood pressure.   The V-Sensor needs no calibration, enabling users to check their own blood pressure regularly and easily – a major advance in personal health because hypertension is a silent killer of over ten million people per year but readily treated if you know that you have it.

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