LED driver offers advanced dimming features

October 6, 2016

Providing programmable brightness for LED backlighting of portable devices, the AL3050 current-mode boost-type LED driver has been introduced by Diodes Incorporated. Its advanced dimming features, small solution size, low BOM-cost and high efficiency make it well-suited for use in single-cell Li-ion based equipment with smaller LCD panels. It is also suited for use in feature/smart phones, portable media players, GPS receivers and other ultra-mobile devices. With an integrated 30V 0.6Ω…


Thin film MELF resistors offer tighter tolerance

October 6, 2016

Vishay Intertechnology have extended the AEC-Q200-qualified Professional Thin Film MELF resistors to tighter tolerance in the low-ohmic range below 1Ω for the 0204 and 0207 case sizes. In addition to providing a low temperature coefficient, the improved Vishay Beyschlag MMA 0204 and MMB 0207 allow for more precise current measurement in LED lighting, industrial, automotive, and renewable energy applications with high stability and reliability requirements than previous-generation devices. Built on…


LYTSwitch-1 LED Driver ICs Reduce Complexity in Bulbs, Tubes and Ballasts

PI LYTSwitch-1 June 16 v3_FINAL L
June 13, 2016

Power Integrations announced its LYTSwitch-1 single-stage, non-isolated, buck topology LED driver IC family. Featuring a very compact footprint, the IC enables the design of LED bulbs and tubes with high constant-current accuracy while using a minimum number of components. A novel driver algorithm ensures high power factor (PF) and low total harmonic distortion (THD) while maintaining very high efficiency. Housed in a compact SO-8 package, LYTSwitch-1 ICs are greater than…


High Power-Factor Buck LED Driver Meets Worldwide Retrofit Lamp Requirements

DI0DES AL1676- L
May 19, 2016

Designed to meet or exceed worldwide power-factor regulations for non-dimmable retrofit LED bulbs and tube lighting, the AL1676 universal AC-input LED driver introduced by Diodes Incorporated provides a design that also delivers high efficiency and a low BOM cost. Options for the integrated MOSFET allow for 300V to 650V drain voltages and 1A to 4A drain currents in order to suit most 3W to 18W bulb requirements. High power-factor operation…


Highly Efficient LYTSwitch-5 ICs Support Multiple LED Driver Topologies

PI LYTSwitch L
February 1, 2016

Power Integrations announced its LYTSwitch-5 single-stage LED driver IC family. LYTSwitch-5 devices combine PFC and constant-current output, and support multiple common LED driver topologies. Solid-state lighting applications have highly variable driver requirements, and power engineers are often challenged to develop optimized designs quickly in response to requests from lighting designers. The LYTSwitch-5 family supports the safety-rated isolated flyback topology for ballast applications, and non-isolated topologies such as buck and buck-boost…


Diodes Drivers ensure flicker-free dimming of tunable LEDs

Diodes AL179x
September 10, 2015

Targeting smart connected lighting applications that use tunable white and color LED bulbs, the AL1791/2/3/4 from Diodes Incorporated are single-, dual-, triple- and quad-channel DC to constant current (DC-CC) LED driver ICs that provide both analog and PWM dimming control. When combined with an AC-DC power conversion block and a microcontroller, these current-ratio-optimized regulators provide a cost-effective, scalable and easy-to-implement solution for the emerging smart lighting market. Operating from a…