LED screens to improve with Scotch tape?

February 16, 2017

A new bilayer material, with each layer measuring less than one nanometer in thickness, that someday could lead to more efficient and versatile light emission was published in a cover story appearing in the peer-reviewed journal Nanoscale Horizons. Researchers working at the Ultrafast Laser Lab at the University of Kansas successfully created the material by combining atomically thin layers of molybdenum disulfide and rhenium disulfide. “Both absorb light very well as…


Learning to play with LEDs

February 8, 2017

How would you feel about learning to play guitar through fiber-optic LED lights? Sounds cool doesn’t it, well now with Fret Zeppelin this is a reality. Instead of relying on an instructor or a specialized beginner’s guitar, Fret Zeppelin fits onto an already existent full-sized guitar of a player’s choosing. Once on the guitar, players can pick whatever song they want to learn through the Fret Zeppelin’s companion iOS /…


LED street lighting has negative impact on wildlife

February 6, 2017

According to new research by the University of Exeter, LED street lighting can be tailored to reduce its impacts on the environment. The UK-based study found predatory spiders and beetles were drawn to grassland patches lit by LED lighting at night, but the number of species affected was markedly reduced when the lights were dimmed by 50% and switched off between midnight and 4am. LEDs made up just 9% of…


Lighting division lineup expanded with SMD terminal block connectors

February 2, 2017

New Yorker Electronics has added the RoHS-compliant Excel Cell Electronic (ECE) EBTL40 series of Terminal Block Connectors to its Lighting Division. The ETBL40 series features SMD terminals with low inserting force cage clamps, push wire-release buttons and a time-saving screwless design. The series was designed for easy handling with a compact design. It can connect to LED strip lights, making it ideal for use in LED lighting and industrial electronics….


Soft robot picks ripest tomato with human touch

December 14, 2016

Most robots achieve grasping and tactile sensing through motorized means, which can be excessively bulky and rigid. A Cornell University group has devised a way for a soft robot to feel its surroundings internally, in much the same way humans do. A group led by Robert Shepherd, Assistant Professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering and principal investigator of Organic Robotics Lab, has published a paper describing how stretchable optical waveguides…


Horticultural lighting solutions to suit plant requirements

December 8, 2016

LED Engin, a multi-award winning manufacturer of high flux density LED products, has announced the market’s most comprehensive range of high-power color and white LED emitters for horticultural lighting. Alongside the typical colors used in horticultural applications (Blue 450nm, Deep Red 660nm and Far Red 740nm), the company is adding custom solutions that include 3 new direct colors (Violet 415nm, Royal Blue 436nm and Cyan 500nm), a phosphor-converted green and…


Capacitive touch sensor display simplifies device design

December 5, 2016

A capacitive touch sensor display that provides a more intuitive interface to ease and accelerate user interactions has been developed by VCC. The LED-based CTH series capacitive touch sensor display combines graphic interactive control with color identification to make the interface more user-friendly. Utilizing sensitive capacitive touch sensing technology, the CTH series simplifies designs and offers cost savings by eliminating the need for a traditional switch. The LED display produces…


Imaging technique creates higher-resolution images

November 4, 2016

  Developed by scientists at MIT, Harvard University, and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), a new imaging technique aims to illuminate cellular structures in deep tissue and other dense and opaque materials. Their method uses tiny particles embedded in the material, that give off laser light. The team synthesized these “laser particles” in the shape of tiny chopsticks, each measuring a small fraction of a human hair’s width. The particles are made…


Hackers have a light bulb moment

November 4, 2016

The IoT, its proponents argue, offers many benefits: energy efficiency, technology so convenient it can anticipate what you want, even reduced congestion on the roads. Now here’s the bad news: Putting a bunch of wirelessly connected devices in one area could prove irresistible to hackers. And it could allow them to spread malicious code through the air, like a flu virus on an airplane. Researchers report in a paper to be…


First intra-ocular-adjustable thermal sensor introduced

PDR Americas has introduced the EMS industry’s first intra-ocular-adjustable ‘read zone’ thermal sensor for high-end rework. The rework-specific temperature sensor has been specifically engineered for rework environments, providing the accuracy and confidence needed for high-yield rework program success. This upgraded version of PDR’s Analog Z-Class sensors is now available with embedded digital technology designed for 10th order polynomial resolution to provide the most accurate sensing technology in its class. Accurate to within…

October 18, 2016