5G Tester Demand Surges with Focus on Network Privatization

According to a new study, nearly 75 thousand 5G testers were sold in 2018. Volume sales of 5G tester will record approximately 14% YoY growth in 2019. The report envisages more than 40% of the total demand from telecom providers. Demand growth of 5G tester is likely to gain more prominence in the automotive industry over the course of next few years.

Complementing the increasing priority of businesses for data transmission over private networks, global industrial giants are accelerating their move towards owning private 5G networks. While Audi is pioneering the trend of private 5G network ownership in collaboration with Ericsson, Daimler, BMW, and Volkswagen are most likely to follow the trend, thereby fueling demand for 5G testers in the years to come.

In line with businesses seeking networks delivering faster connectivity at lower latency, telecommunication service providers, mobile device companies, and network equipment manufacturers are prioritizing 5G adoption.

Companies such as Verizon and AT&T, are rapidly switching to 5G networks, which continues to raise demand for 5G testers. Network analyzers and signal analyzers remain the most sought after types of 5G testers in market, as indicated by the report. Network analyzers alone account for over 45% share in the 5G tester sales volume, whereas signal generators will witness healthy growth in sales in the years to come. Oscilloscopes have been positioned as highly lucrative in 5G tester market.

The number of trials for effective 5G implementation has been on a constant rise in the recent past, particularly in the US, South Korea, Japan, the UK, and a few other countries. The report cites 5G trials as the key booster to demand growth of 5G tester in the global market.

Developed regional markets will however showcase greater potential for 5G tester market growth owing to high capital investment associated with adoption of 5G testers. Vodafone UK has already announced to have completed the 5G spectrum test trials across their existing network.

Source Future Market Insights (FMI)
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