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Wireless Audio Chip Powers Audio Buds

A chip enabling the Samsung Galaxy Buds to deliver a premium audio experience has been unveiled by Broadcom. The BCM43014 is a highly-integrated low power SoC that brings together innovations in Bluetooth, audio DSP and sensor hub technology to render rich audio while delivering up to six hours of Bluetooth streaming or five hours of voice calls.

A superior in-ear audio experience requires the sound to be high-quality, robust and synchronized across the listener’s ears. Wireless earbuds like the Galaxy Buds also must have long battery life, low latency, uncompromising audio quality and user mobility. For a seamless wireless experience, it is equally important that wireless earbuds instantly connect or switch across devices just like a wired pair of earbuds would when plugged into the phone.

Built on Broadcom’s combination of deep semiconductor expertise and wireless audio engineering, the BCM43014 is engineered to meet the design requirements for in-ear wireless devices. In addition to Bluetooth 5, the chip is packed with innovative features and capabilities that aims to:

  • Allow for integration of advanced acoustic algorithms that reduce background noise to deliver rich sound.
  • Deliver synchronized audio to both the earbuds for various daily user scenarios using Broadcom’s InConcert technology to create a truly wireless experience.
  • Innovate with a holistic low power system-level design that spans radio design, protocol optimization and software techniques.
  • Connect both Buds with phone and quickly switches between devices with Broadcom’s advanced Bluetooth pairing technology to deliver continuity of content for the consumer.
  • Enable the integration of the multi-dimensional sensors behind the convenient and intuitive user interface on the Buds.
  • Facilitate slim earbud design by integrating multiple audio components into a single chip and reducing the overall bill of materials.

“Broadcom is proud to have collaborated with Samsung on the Galaxy Buds,” said Vijay Nagarajan, Vice President of Marketing for the Wireless Communications and Connectivity Division at Broadcom. “The BCM43014 chip is designed to deliver a robust, low power wireless audio experience in small form factor earbuds. It demonstrates our commitment to bring high performance connectivity solutions to the flagship smartphone ecosystem.”

Phil Solis, Research Director at IDC, added: “Born out of Broadcom and Samsung’s collaboration for the Galaxy Buds, Broadcom’s BCM43014 chip is designed specifically for wireless earbuds. The combination of Bluetooth 5, audio DSP, and sensor hub processor provides the combined functionality in a small solution with low power consumption that is needed for mobile accessories like these.”

Source Broadcom

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