Active frequency multipliers offer coverage from 8-46GHz

A provider of RF, microwave and millimeter wave products, Pasternack, has released a series of active frequency multipliers that simplify system designs by offering high output power levels.

These active frequency multipliers are important building block components used in Local Oscillator (LO) chains for radar, communication receivers and frequency sources to extend frequencies and achieve optimal performance. They support multiple markets and applications including electronic warfare, electronic countermeasures, point-to-point radio, VSAT radio, test instrumentation and telecom infrastructure.


The PE88X-series active frequency (x2) multipliers double input frequencies ranging from 4 GHz to 23 GHz up to desirable mm-wave output frequencies from 8-46 GHz. These new designs use highly efficient GaAs PHEMT semiconductor technology with integrated amplifiers that produce high output power levels up to +17dBm with excellent fundamental and harmonic suppression. This can eliminate the need for an external LO buffer amplifier stage and additional support circuitry.

These active frequency multipliers require a single +5V DC supply. Input/output RF ports are matched for 50 ohms and are DC blocked. The compact drop-in package assemblies are hermetically sealed and support field replaceable 2.92mm connectors. All models are RoHS and Reach compliant and designed to meet MIL-STD environmental test conditions.

“Pasternack’s new series of active frequency multipliers give designers the capability to double input frequencies up to 8-46GHz millimeter wave bands. These designs utilize efficient GaAs PHEMT semiconductor technology in compact coaxial packages that generate up to +17dBm output power which can eliminate the need for additional external components in system level applications,” said Tim Galla, Active Components Product Manager at Pasternack. “Active multipliers usually require long manufacturing cycles, but Pasternack offers all three models ready to ship right off the shelf.”

These new active frequency multipliers from Pasternack are in-stock and ready for immediate shipment.

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