Artificial Intelligence just predicted the Olympics’ winners

A company called UNANIMOUS A.I., which develops technologies for Swarm Intelligence a platform that allows groups to combine their thoughts and feelings in real-time, answer questions, and make decisions has made some predictions about this year’s Rio Olympics.

(Michael Phelps via UNU)
(Michael Phelps via UNU)

Just the other day, a group of elite swimmers used the swarm intelligence technology to pick some winners. UNU, as the swarm intelligence is called, is the technology that made headlines in May by outperforming experts when it came to predicting the Kentucky Derby winners — as well as the Stanley Cup, Wimbledon, and even the Oscars.

The tech works by harnessing the wisdom and insights of online groups, and then combining the collective intelligence into picks, which end up being pretty accurate.

Researchers at Unanimous AI wanted to try something different when it came to the Olympics, so instead of retrieving a swarm of sports fans they took a group of world-class swimmers (those who have swam against Rio Olympians) and had them work together in real-time in order to create an “artificial super-expert” by combining their wisdom and insights.

So, what did the swarm predict for Michael Phelps?

According to the UNU blog, the swarm predicted that  Phelps is prepared to add 3 more gold medals to his collection, speaking from firsthand experience.

A full list of predictions can be found here.

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