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Baidu and BAIC’s ARCFOX to produce 1,000 Apollo Moon autonomous EVs over next three years

Baidu, Inc. and BAIC Group’s EV brand ARCFOX are partnering to jointly release mass-produced Apollo Moon robotaxis at one third of the cost of average L4 autonomous vehicle.

Apollo Moon and is slated to revolutionize the transportation sector by providing dependable long-term robotaxi ride-hailing services.  Lower production cost will facilitate greater scalability and commercialization of fully autonomous ride-hailing services in China.

Baidu and ARCFOX penned a strategic cooperation agreement to roll out a fleet of 1,000 Apollo Moon robotaxis in three years.  Baidu Apollo Moon uses the ANP-Robotaxi architecture to reduce the weight of autonomous vehicle kits while sharing intelligent driving vehicle data to create a closed-loop information ecosystem. These capabilities, customized LiDAR and corresponding unmanned redundancy functions will enable fully driverless autonomy.

Original Release: PR Newswire


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