Brazil Suspends Meta AI Privacy Policy

The National Data Protection Authority suspended Meta’s privacy policy for using personal data to train generative AI systems in Brazil, effective immediately. The move puts a hold on personal data processing across all Meta products, including those not using Meta platforms. The fines are pretty steep—a daily fine of 50,000 reais ($8,836.58) for non-compliance.

The Authority cites an “imminent risk of serious and irreparable or difficult-to-repair damage to the fundamental rights of affected holders.” Meta will have to adapt its privacy policy to exclude the section related to the processing of personal data for generative AI training and present an official statement that it suspended the processing of personal data for that purpose.

Meta is disappointed in the decision, claiming that the move represents a “setback for innovation” and will delay AI benefits to the people of Brazil. “We are more transparent than many players in this industry who have used public content to train their models and products,” Meta said. “Our approach complies with privacy laws and regulations in Brazil.”

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