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Daschund Disco Dog Living the American Dream in NYC

What happens when you combine adorable dachshunds and cool technology? The world’s first smartphone controlled LED dog vest is born.

Named Disco Dog, the vest contains 256 LEDS which you can flash, create patterns, or have words scroll across it by using your smartphone. If your dog strays too far, a ‘Lost Dog’ message will flash up to alert passers by.

The Kickstarter project created by design agency Party NYC, sought $15K of funding to develop the product. The agency managed to close a successful $22,757 with 171 backers pledged to help bring the project to life.

The technical side

Disco Dog is made with 256 RGB LEDs, a microcontroller, and a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) chip. It’s powered by a 3.7V rechargeable lithium polymer battery, so you can expect it to last quite a while. The LED grid and electronics are removable so you can wash the vest as well.

The dog vest comes in three sizes so it can fit any dog. Sizing is based on the length of your dog’s back and the girth of its chest, measured just behind the front legs.

The vest is also adjustable, with velcro closures that let you change the fit.

How does it work?

You control it using the smartphone app, which is available for both iOS and Android. Using it, you simply select animations, or type in the text you want to flash across your dog.

You can also adjust the brightness and color, including two-color gradients that flow across the vest.

The retail version of the vest is currently under development and looking for manufacturing partners and investors.

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