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Super crypto mining to offer efficient ASIC Bitcoin mining system

DPW Holdings has announced that Coolisys Technologies has launched a new line of crypto-mining units, the SuperMiner with the first miner model called the AntEater.

The AntEater features the 10nm mining chipset jointly developed by Samsung/Innosilicon, which has been integrated with Coolisys’ efficient power system. The AntEater is an ASIC Bitcoin crypto-miner designed to operate faster while emitting less heat than any other similarly dedicated miner currently available.

Innosilicon and Coolisys are both ISO 9000 certified companies, providing consumers comfort knowing that both companies have met mandated quality and production standards for their respective products and services. Each AntEater has a one year service warranty supported by Coolisys’ new service centre located in Fremont, California. This service warranty from Coolisys is twice the length of the average comparable miner warranty.

Coolisys anticipates that the AntEater will be available for delivery in four weeks and can be reserved now at, a division of Super Crypto Mining.

“It is exciting to see Coolisys deliver to the market one of the most advanced mining solutions available. The industry has been anxious to find an alternative to the Bitmain and Avalon duopolies and we believe the SuperMiner line and the AntEater model will be able to satisfy this market demand,” said Amos Kohn, President, CEO and Chairman of Coolisys Technologies.

Kohn added: “When we set out with the goal to bring a new generation of Bitcoin miners to market, we wanted to push the envelope and innovate by developing the AntEater based on a 10nm chip because it was the newest technology available with promising advantages. We thank the Samsung/Innosilicon development team for making this technology available and we look forward to delivering other products featuring Samsung’s latest technology.”

The new SuperMiner line and, including the AntEater, is equipped with advanced dynamic frequency and temperature scaling for reliable performance under virtually all conditions. The 10nm mining chip in the AntEater is based on Samsung’s System-on-Chip computing technology which provides an efficient ASIC cryptocurrency mining design, with the AntEater operating at 17.2TH/s.

Source DPW Holdings

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