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Fiber channel now shipping in industry’s latest modular servers


A broad portfolio of Marvell’s next generation 10/25GbE FastLinQ Ethernet and QLogic 16G/32G Fiber Channel technologies are now available on the Dell EMC PowerEdge MX. The latest adoption of Marvell technologies by Dell EMC continues both companies’ relationship of innovation and collaboration and delivers the I/O connectivity to enable a solution for the data center.

The new Dell EMC PowerEdge MX, based on Dell EMC’s modular, kinetic infrastructure architecture, is designed to meet and exceed customer requirements for performance and scale while delivering lower total cost of ownership. The Marvell Ethernet and Fiber Channel technologies as part of the Dell EMC PowerEdge MX provide feature-rich, flexible server connectivity solutions to support emerging and expanding data center workloads.

Rajneesh Gaur, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Server Connectivity Business Unit, Marvell Semiconductor, stated: “Marvell is a strategic partner of Dell EMC across generations of IT infrastructure. The introduction of the PowerEdge MX platform and adoption of Marvell FastLinQ Ethernet and QLogic Fiber Channel adapters is a major milestone in our decade-long relationship. Now, enterprise data centers and service providers can increase operational velocity, deliver frictionless IT and reduce costs while having a choice of fabric to meet their needs.”

Marvell QLogic Fiber Channel host-bus adapters (HBAs), the Gen 6 32 GbFC QME-2742-DEL and Enhanced Gen 5 16 GFC QME-2692-DEL, are available for Fiber Channel storage, while Marvell FastLinQ Ethernet adapters, the 10/25GbE FastLinQ 41000 Series, are the default Ethernet networking options for the servers.

Marvell server connectivity solutions for the Dell EMC MX Series include:

  • The Gen 6 32 GFC QME-2742-DEL and Enhanced Gen 5 16 GFC QME-2692-DEL provide high-performance connectivity, support advanced virtualization, security, port isolation, low CPU utilization and advanced fabric integration features. The Marvell QLogic HBAs allow customers to choose the best options to integrate into their existing fabric to meet the I/O requirements of their current and future workloads.
  • The FastLinQ 10/25GbE 41000 adapters are the industry’s only NIC adapter that delivers customers the technology choice and investment protection with support for concurrent RoCE, RoCEv2 and iWARP. The Marvell FastLinQ adapters coupled with new generation PowerEdge MX composable infrastructure enable administrators to optimize their infrastructure costs and increase virtual machine density by leveraging built-in technologies like SR-IOV and Network Partitioning (NPAR) that deliver acceleration and QoS for workloads and infrastructure traffic.

The expanded suite of Fiber Channel and Ethernet-based adapters for PowerEdge MX are available and shipping today. For more information, please visit the Marvell Dell EMC Partnership microsite.

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