Hexagon and Sony Semiconductor Partner on Enhanced Reality Capture

Hexagon AB announced a partnership with Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation to further advance Hexagon’s reality capture solutions, including the Leica BLK product family. Hexagon will integrate Sony’s advanced Time-of-Flight image sensor and software technologies to enhance the speed and accuracy of its reality capture solutions.

The collaboration is designed to deliver a seamless data capture and processing workflow, reducing the time between capture and results. By combining Sony’s advanced processing software library with Hexagon’s reality capture capabilities, resulting solutions will provide faster feedback in-field and more complete data capture competencies.

Initially, Hexagon will integrate Sony’s capabilities into developing the new Leica BLK2GO PULSE. The handheld reality capture device fuses Sony’s advanced Time-of-Flight technology and Hexagon’s proven GrandSLAM technology for a rapid, simple, intuitive first-person scanning method. It captures only what you need, when you need it, from your point of view. The BLK2GO PULSE will be used for short-range indoor applications with instant point cloud visualization during capture.

Planned for release in early 2024, the BLK2GO PULSE will add a new member to the BLK2GO product family. All BLK2GO solutions share the ability for immediate data access and interaction among project teams to provide effortless uploading to the cloud directly from the device for smarter collaboration. Time-of-Flight is key to creating autonomous solutions to streamline work processes and boost productivity.

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