Industry 4.0 Services and Support for MES Clients

Critical Manufacturing has announced a partnership with HCL Technologies (HCL) to provide pre-and post-sales consulting, development, and implementation support. The partnership involves Critical Manufacturing’s Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) customers in the complex manufacturing for hi-tech, semiconductor, and medical device manufacturing industries.

GH Rao, President, Engineering and R&D Services, HCL Technologies, said: “For manufacturers to fully leverage the potential of industry 4.0, MES becomes a critical component for consideration. Today, an increasing level of intelligence is being built into MES, even as IoT and AI play pivotal roles in shaping the manufacturing industry. HCL’s partnership with Critical Manufacturing brings the much-needed amalgamation of Industry 4.0 with MES to achieve the end-to-end digitalisation between various plant floor systems, while also providing a holistic environment for real-time information exchange and efficient decisions.

“This relationship with Critical Manufacturing allows us access to a market-leading product with a solid reputation of quality, reliability, and deep industry applicability while also letting us provide our industry-leading technology services and support. Their background maps nicely to the HCL Technologies’ blueprint of working with partners that surpass market standards, to allow us to bring the full breadth of our offerings to our joint customers.”

The partnership allows HCL Technologies to offer services, consulting, training, and aftermarket support to complex discrete industries, especially in the hi-tech and medical space. The partnership will initially focus on North America and Europe and will quickly scale to become a globally available offering.

Francisco Almada Lobo, CEO and President of Critical Manufacturing, added: “We are pleased to add HCL Technologies to our partnership program. Our strategy is to work with a few partners with in-depth expertise in delivering manufacturing digital transformation with MES and leverage their capabilities on a global basis. This ensures standardization in both approach and execution of their services. HCL is well-known in the complex discrete market for both consulting and implementation. Critical Manufacturing has been rapidly growing over the past year, and we needed a partner that could match our scalability. HCL Technologies is such a partner.”

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