IR rework systems show where heat is applied

The successful deployment of 4500 focused IR rework systems and counting has been announced by PDR. The company attributes its success to its ongoing focus on providing the industry with operator friendly rework systems that are both simple to use and maintain. Simply building a rework system that offers unique advantages to the industry is not enough. Equally important is PDR’s ‘core value’ commitment to ‘long-term customer satisfaction’. From CEO/CFO to Rework System Operator, PDR’s support, training, warranty, education, and financing programs are key elements of the PDR experience, enhancing the value of your organization’s ability to get the job done.


At the operator level, PDR IR rework systems provide the operator with a visible means to determine where heat is being applied (focused IR) and to easily observe solder reflow. This precision targeting of visible focused IR eliminates the guesswork out of not only day-to-day rework tasks, but greatly accelerates profile development process as well.

According to Dave White, President and CEO – PDR America’s, “PDR’s mission has and remains consistent with PDR’s absolute commitment to providing quality built systems that change existing paradigms when it comes to complex rework tasks. Our core competency is making rework as simple as possible through the use of advanced software algorithms, the manipulation of band pass technology (short/medium wave IR), highly accurate thermo sensing technology, superior camera optics, and extremely low maintenance mechanical design.”

Since 1985, PDR customers have voted with their pocketbooks for a system that is air nozzle free, capable of true in-process control, and that produces high-yield repeatable results…no matter the complexity of the application at hand. As PDR celebrates its 30th anniversary and remarkable deployment of 4500+ systems now commissioned, the company remains the industry technology leader through its conscientious commitment to simplifying the rework process.

PDR Rework Systems remains at the forefront of rework technology by providing air nozzle free systems with advanced in-process control features and visible light that takes the guesswork out of rework.

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