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The Lutron light experience is more than just lighting

Lights are mainly used for making a room brighter when it is dark – right? Well that’s what I had always thought anyways, until I visited the Lutron light experience. Lutron a company who works in the lighting control industry, made it clear almost immediately it’s not just about light it’s more about the whole experience.

Lutron products are designed with three elements in mind:

  • Reliability – they work every time
  • Two way feedback
  • The editing process

The idea with Lutron’s products is that they are not just a product, they are about creating a whole experience. For example, with the HomeWorks QS it provides the ultimate flexibility and works hand-in-hand with the Amazon Alexa, which currently understands and responds to 99 commands.

With the HomeWorks QS you have different ‘scenes’ such as night time, which for example will draw the shutters down, dim the main lights and put on your bedside lamp. Contrastingly the morning scene shows the system gradually opening curtains and playing some gentle music.

You are able to add and remove ‘scenes’ to suit you, and can even schedule events, so for example schedule the morning scene to come into action ten minutes before you awake, to make early mornings that bit easier.

Aesthetics are important for a home, and that is why the HomeWorks QS is designed in an architectural and designer style, with a variety of keypad button configurations and faceplates that are available in different materials and colors to suit different homes.

Different lighting for different locations

Lutron’s products do not just stop in the home, the company also produces products for commercial buildings such as offices, schools and universities which are efficient, comfortable but most importantly, makes the space a productive place to work.

To be able to tune the lighting will save money and energy, improve the atmosphere and the space. Lutron’s human centric designs are all different in recognition of differences in people.

XCT occupancy sensors that Lutron have used make the sensors super sensitive, so lights will not automatically turn off whilst people are still working.

Daylight is important in a workplace, but there are two positions that blinds and shades ideally need to be in for optimization of sunlight. The daylight sensors from Lutron will override logic and as the sun moves so will the blinds.

Finally, another industry Lutron is working in is hospitality and high-end hotels to be exact. The myRoom solution is in fact the only Forbes accredited scalable solution to fit all solutions and designs.

The Lutron myRoom provides several systems for a guestroom including light, temperature and shade control, which essentially works in two parts – one for the operator – the hotel, and one for the guest. All the systems can be personalized for performance and budget.

The solutions include:

  • myRoom Vue – which is an easy but powerful web-based dashboard which can adjust, monitor and troubleshoot the lights of a room, motorized windows and blinds and HVAC.
  • Palladiom QS Wallstation – combines the operation with an aesthetic design and provides the ultimate experience from the wall.
  • Palladiom QS Room Thermostat – is self-explanatory and controls the temperature.
  • Alena Pull-to-Start Drapery Track – last but not least, the pull-to-start drape track system allows the guests to have control – from one small tug the drapes will open or close themselves.

With the myRoom system information is collated through the door locking and check in/check out system. So the room knows at all times if you are checked in, or out, and whether you are in the room or not through button pressing or movement through sensors.

What also sets Lutron aside from the rest is that it quality tests every single product, and the products are long lasting with a ten year guarantee. This is mainly because with lighting and wireless connectivity in the home and workplace, you need these products to work every time without fail.

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