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Microsoft Shows Off Windows 10 IoT Core With A Robotic Air-Hockey Table

We’ve heard a lot about Microsoft since the release of Windows 10 just a couple of weeks ago (and long before that). Now there’s even more news about the company’s newest operating system.

Microsoft has now made Windows 10 available for makers to experiment with the release of Windows  10 IoT Core intended for use with Raspberry Pi 2 and MinnowBoard Max. The company’s newest addition is geared toward “small embedded devices with or without screens,” according to the Windows Blog.

To use Windows 10 IoT Core, makers must have a development computer that runs Windows 10 and use it along with Visual Studio 2015.

Microsoft released Windows 10 IoT Core with the intention of helping makers build fun and practical projects. Some projects that have been worked on with the new system have been showcased on, one of the largest hardware creation communities on the web. Projects that implement Windows IoT Core include a Rover Robot Kit that uses Raspberry Pi 2, Windows Remote Arduino that uses an Arduino from a Windows Phone app to control an LED bulb, and a Home Automation with the RPI2 project.

One project Microsoft showed off to promote Windows 10 IoT Core was a robotic air-hockey table. Check it out in the video below.

“Have fun building amazing things and, when you do, tweet @WindowsDev with the hashtag #makeInventDo with pictures so we can have as much fun as you do,” wrote Microsoft on its Windows Blog.

To download Windows 10 IoT Core visit the Windows Blog.

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