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This Guy Built An Entire Redstone PC With Only One Purpose: Playing Minecraft

Designer Spencer Kern wanted to celebrate the release of the Windows 10 edition of Minecraft so for the past few months he’s been building, from scratch, a Redstone PC, inspired by the game’s Redstone block light-up toy — and it’s life’s purpose is to play Minecraft.

Kern designed the computer in 3D before starting to put it together. He constructed the case out of acrylic sheets or extruded acrylic bars (most of this work needed to be done with a laser cutter). When the case was complete, he began installing components and working on custom parts like the PSU cables, fan cables, light strands, and  power switch.

He created a custom Minecraft keyboard by replacing ordinary computer keys with customized game keys and since the Windows 10 edition of Minecraft also supports controller input he made a custom Xbox One controller, too.

Kern topped-off his project with a Steve mini figure and a custom desktop and started taking project photos that he could share with the world on his website. There are loads of photos with many instructions for your viewing pleasure.


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