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New n-type mono solar panel with twin design launched


A new N-Peak high-performance solar panel has been launched by REC Group at Intersolar Europe in Munich. The new panel combines n-type mono half-cut cells with a twin-panel design and aims to provide power output of up to 330W peak.

At the introduction of the new module, REC Group CEO Steve O’Neil stated: “The new REC N-Peak writes the next chapter in our company narrative. We are taking a big step by leapfrogging into advanced n-mono technology. Reinforcing our reputation as an innovator of reliable and efficient solar panels. It is one thing to design high efficiency products on a lab scale, but a totally different one to bring it to mass production. This helps make REC Solar’s Most Trusted.”

Key features of the new N-Peak solar panel include:

  • Powerful 60-cell module
  • A solar module which combines n-type mono half-cut cells with a twin-panel design
  • Up to 330W peak
  • Strong frame design, for loads of up to 7,000Pa
  • Zero light-induced degradation
  • 12-year product warranty with 0.5% annual degradation over 25-year power warranty
  • Improved performance in shaded conditions
  • Flexible installation options

Initial field tests carried out by the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS) have shown that the new N-Peak offers a distinct energy yield advantage over competitive p-mono products.

The production of n-type mono cells kicks off at the end of June and the first N-Peak modules are scheduled to roll off the line in August.

Source REC Group

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