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Sensors enabling the next-generation of all-in-one VR platforms

A complete portfolio of VR sensors enabling a new class of highly accurate and affordable all-in-one VR solutions has been launched by TDK Corporation. The key platform components includes the InvenSense ICM-42688 six-axis motion sensor for HMDs, which provides the low noise figure and features high-resolution measurement mode.

InvenSense ICM-42686 six-axis motion sensor for VR controllers provides extended range motion measurement mode, enabling the accurate tracking of the handheld controller movement at any speed.

Chirp Microsystem’s ultralow power CH-101 ultrasonic transceiver coupled with Chirp’s SonicTrack system is a time-of-flight based inside-out tracking solution for all-in-one VR systems that delivers 3D positioning between the head-mounted-display and the handheld controllers.

TDK Sensor Fusion software that processes the sensor inputs simultaneously to create a simple, fused output that describes the exact 3D position and movement of all VR HW components and runs on commercial application processors.

TDK TMR sensing elements that enable magnetometers with significantly higher resolution than traditional Hall-effect based magnetometers, thereby enabling the exact determination of the orientation changes of the HMD and controllers.

The key sensor requirement for any VR system is the precise alignment between the Head-Mounted-Display (HMD) and the Handheld Controllers. This means that even the slightest head or the most extreme hand movement needs to be measured fast and accurately, to allow the immediate rendering of the changed VR scenery. Even small misalignments between the HMD and controllers can severely impact the user experience and eventually lead to game-over ‘motion sickness’.

In addition to the performance of the VR sensor platform, TDK all-in-one VR platform also sets new standards with respect to small size, low weight, and reduced Bill-of-Materials (BOM), which taken together enable the most affordable and wearable all-in-one VR systems in the industry.

“At this year’s CES show we’re announcing innovative VR solutions with some of the world’s leading VR system providers like HTC and platform enablers like Qualcomm, and together we’re shaping the all-in-one AR/VR/XR space,” said Behrooz Abdi, President and General Manager of MEMS Sensors Business Group at TDK. “We’re AR/VR enthusiasts ourselves, so we’re motivated to always refine the precision and accuracy of our technology, removing timing lags and hiccups, thus allowing for a truly immersive AR/VR experience.”

Source TDK Corporation

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