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There’s a High Demand for Stretch

Boston Dynamics announced that while its Stretch Robot was now available for commercial orders, it seems the robot is sold out for the rest of this year. They are now accepting orders for delivery through 2024. Stretch unloads floor-loaded trailers and containers for warehouse operations. The robot can maneuver in and out of trucks and tight spaces in a warehouse and is an easily scalable, autonomous solution that can be installed and ready to work within existing warehouse infrastructure in just a few days.

The robot is equipped with a powerful, custom vacuum gripper and an advanced vision system that detects boxes and the container surroundings, enabling Stretch to autonomously recover any packages that shift or fall during unloading. It does not require pre-programming of SKU numbers or information on box sizes; the robot makes all unloading decisions in real time, without explicit directions or supervision. The robot can work more than a full shift on a single charge, or up to 16 hours with a high-capacity battery option.

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