This Guy Made A Fully-Functional Tortilla Record Player With A Laser Cutter

Back in April a YouTube video of a tortilla placed on top of a record spindle went viral. This sparked the imagination of Instructables user “UpgradeTech” who then decided to make a fully-functional tortilla record player using a laser cutter.

How it’s made

As outlined on Instructables, first a brand of preferred tortilla needs to be purchased (UpgradeTech used uncooked flour tortillas). Then audio files need to be set up. Exact requirements can be viewed on Instructables.

From that point, UpgradeTech used a 40W Epilog Laser Cutter that accepts PDF files, courtesy of Fab Lab San Diego. The entire project involved approximately 30 minutes of cutting time to play a 30-second track.

Watch UpgradeTech’s record player  from a tortilla playing “The Mexican Hat Dance”.

The full project can be found here.

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