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Video Of The Day: This Drone Is Disguised As A Flying Snoopy

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Snoopy on a hidden quadcopter?

The iconic Peanuts’ dog was soaring through the sky on his doghouse just the other day as a promotional stunt for an upcoming movie and will display at Comic-Con International.

Otto Dieffenbach and his team from FlyGuy Promotions aim to create, test and produce working models of Identifiable Flying Objects (IFOs) to tell stories and serve as a promotional branding strategy.

According to FlyGuy Promotions’ website:

“Our history is technology driven. Modern advances in robotics, energy storage and light weight materials have introduced new possibilities. Flying images and figures, that were not possible a few years ago, can now be employed to tell your story. Our key personnel came together recognizing the untapped potential of flying aerial imagery to promote particular products and brands.”

Snoopy is part of a series of promotions FlyGuy Promotions does for companies in which it creates a 3D object (either hand or machine carved using a computer 3D mesh file). The production system allows for quick product creation and minor changes. The 3D foam figure is either painted of covered in lightweight vinyl and possesses key characteristics like good aerodynamic lift and drag (crucial to flying).  The company then employs its unique hover flight system for any flight issues that may occur.

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