[VIDEO] The Future of Grocery Shopping Lies in the Smart Cart

One company is looking to change the way you shop. New York-based Caper focuses on compacting Amazon-Go’s technology, including image recognition, sensor fusion and artificial intelligence, into a smart shopping cart that allows shoppers to simply throw groceries into the cart and checkout without cashiers.

caper smart shopping cart
(Image via Caper)

Imagine heading to the supermarket without having to wait on line and check-out. With Caper’s smart carts you would be able to toss your items into your cart and leave.

The next-generation smart self-checkout cart is powered by deep learning and computer vision so that items are instantly detected as they enter the cart. Shoppers would scan the item barcode and add it to the shopping cart. Once shopping is complete, shoppers can pay directly on the cart using a credit card or mobile payment.

Watch the video below to learn more.

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