Acopian’s power supply conforms to UL, CE and RoHS standards

Acopian Power Supplies announced that their Narrow Profile DC-DC Regulated Power Supply Series is certified to UL 60950 (Information Technology Equipment) and UL 508 (Industrial Control Equipment) Safety Standards, conforms to the low voltage directive legal requirements to achieve CE AcopianNarProfULC5 Lmarking, and is RoHS Compliant.  The over 150-part series comprises 100 kHz single-output power supplies in DN8 and DN8A case sizes that support inputs from 110-350 VDC, outputs from 3.3 to 125 VDC, and up to 288 watts of power.  Units provide excellent load regulation, overall stability and low output ripple and noise.  These forced-air converters are supplied with either one or two fans, and are offered in dimensions as small as 1.7″ x 3.5″ x 8.78″.

Due to the series’ narrow profile, small footprint and wide selection of input ranges, output voltages and current ratings, the power supplies are suitable for use in the broadest spectrum of industrial, consumer and industrial applications in which component size and weight are restricted.  Parts are ideal for employment in nuclear, coal and gas power generation/storage/distribution, automotive, manufacturing, oil exploration and refinery, as well as information and communications technology equipment (ICT).  They are also appropriate for instrumentation, test and measurement, R&D, industrial automation, mass transit and railway industry applications.

Models included in Acopian’s Narrow Profile DC-DC Regulated Power Supply Series offer integral input filtering, and has an output transient response for a 50-100% load step change of 300 microseconds.  Output voltage can be adjusted by remote a 1K potentiometer.  The converters’ floating outputs may be referenced positive or negative by the user.  Additional electrical specifications include ±0.05% typical line regulation and ±0.05% typical load regulation.  Input/output isolation exceeds 2828 VDC.

In addition to no-load operation and remote sensing, Acopian’s single-output DC-DC converters feature overload/short circuit, overvoltage, thermal protection, and output inhibit.  A green LED output indicator is lit when the power supply is on (DC on).  The units support an ambient operating temperature range of 0° to 71° C.   An extruded aluminum case encloses all circuitry to provide EMI shielding.

The models are delivered with threaded mounting holes to permit mounting to a chassis, cabinet wall or bracket and are appropriate for use on a test bench or tabletop.  Accessory mounting kits for wall mounting or DIN rail mounting are available.

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