Building High-Precision Maps Without Large-Scale Human Efforts For Autonomous Driving

Almost one-third of the exhibitors who attended CES 2019 in Las Vegas were from China. Especially in the autonomous driving industry, Chinese companies are igniting some competition at a dramatically fast speed.

This year, at CES, Kuandeng Technology represented companies in the field of high-precision mapping, showing off the core advantage of innovative high-precision map products and technologies to users around the world. The company demonstrated its ability to be a partner for automakers exploring the autonomous driving market in China.

Kuandeng Technology possesses core AI centric technologies such as deep learning, 3D vision, image recognition, robotics, automatic map construction, and map cloud services. Its platform can quickly build high-precision maps without large-scale human efforts.

China's Autonomous Driving Technology Springs up with Kuandeng Technology Taking Important Positions with Its High-Precision Maps
China’s Autonomous Driving Technology Springs up with Kuandeng Technology. (Image Credit: Kuandeng Technology)

The centimeter-level high-definition pre-installed map solution integrates data such as lane type, lane width, landmarks, fences, road edge type, in addition to the basic information including lane shape, slope, curvature, pavement, and direction. The high-precision localization module acquires the image through the camera, extracts the map elements through the sensing module, compares it with the high-precision maps, and combines the GPS, IMU, and wheel speed signals to acquire the precise position and pose of the vehicle in the high-definition maps. The crowdsourcing module is divided into two parts, namely the vehicle side and the cloud. The vehicle side collects vectorized maps, poses and other information, and transmits them back to the cloud. Through intelligent regional segmentation and hierarchical spatial clustering, the high-definition maps are generated. The company is solving problems such as collection cost and update frequency.

Users of high-precision maps are automotive manufacturers. The certification period is long and the cost of replacing a supplier is high. Kuandeng took the initiative to establish cooperation with major automakers and tier-1 suppliers and continues to maintain first-mover advantage.


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