Collaboration on Chip Design for High Performance SoCs

It has been announced that Cadence Design Systems is working with Northrop Grumman on advanced-node system-on-chip (SoC) projects, enabling the delivery of high-quality, high-performance SoCs.

Cadence system and verification, digital and signoff, custom/analog and packaging tools, as well as IP solutions, have supported a shortened product development cycle and advanced-node tapeouts.

Paul Cunningham, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the System & Verification Group at Cadence, stated: “Through our ongoing collaboration with Northrop Grumman, we’re continuing to develop and impart our expertise and capabilities in the aerospace and defense industry, enabling high quality, cost effective, and first pass IC design success of the complex advanced node SoCs required by the industry.

“Our 30 years of industry experience combined with our comprehensive suite of system design enablement tools, design IP and complementary service offerings, including the Palladium Z1 enterprise emulation platform, has enabled us to address advanced-node tapeouts and continued innovation.”

Cadence has experience in the aerospace and defense industry and has provided products and services to Northrop Grumman for more than 20 years.

“Northrop Grumman has a strong history developing system-on-chip designs,” said Vern Boyle, Vice President, Advanced Technologies, Northrop Grumman. “As a result of this, we’ve furthered our leadership position with the creation of mission-critical ASICs, which is a key technology that can help support our nation’s military.”

Cadence offers a broad portfolio of system design and verification, digital and signoff and custom design tools as well as IP and methodologies that address the complex and sensitive design challenges of the aerospace and defense industry.

The Cadence offerings for the aerospace and defense market, including the Palladium Z1 Enterprise Emulation Platform, support the company’s overall System Design Enablement strategy, which enables systems and semiconductor companies to create complete, differentiated end products more efficiently.

Source Cadence
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