Fujitsu and Isuzu Agree to Jointly Research Next-Generation Vehicle Systems

Fujitsu Limited and Isuzu Motors Limited today announced that they have reached an agreement to conduct joint research on future technologies with regard to safety, comfort and the environment, to be applied to the commercial vehicles Isuzu markets worldwide.

Specifically, through joint research on energy transition, improvement of vehicle safety, and reduction of driver burden, the two companies will leverage their respective strengths to develop systems best suited to commercial vehicles, and anticipate deploying such technologies to future vehicles.

Fujitsu and Isuzu have a relationship that goes back to 1990 when they formed the joint venture, TRANSTRON Inc., where products such as electronic controllers and on-board telematics devices have been developed.

With the growing need in recent years for environmental measures that reduce CO2 emissions and driver-assist measures that enable safer driving, the two companies seek to combine and utilize Fujitsu’s cutting-edge ICT and Isuzu’s knowledge and experience with respect to commercial vehicles. This partnership will lead to the development of next-generation vehicle systems that deliver superior environmental and safety performance.

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