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Get a Texas Instrument Sitara AM437x processor for $7

Texas Instruments announced the new Sitara AM4376 processor offering an ARM Cortex-A9-based solution starting at $7. This 300 MHz processor extends the Sitara processor portfolio with a scalable, pin-compatible processor that’s an economical option for customers looking to benefit from the peripherals in the Sitara AM437x family. The AM437x processors integrate support for industrial protocols for automation and industrial drives making them ideal for applications such as building automation, telecom infrastructure, industrial tools, and more.

Texas Instruments Sitara AM4376Highlights of Sitara AM437x processors:
• Offered in commercial (0 to 90C), industrial (-40 to 90C) and extended (-40 to 105C) junction temperature ranges
• Four pin compatible and software compatible processor options: AM4376, AM4377, AM4378 and AM4379
• The AM437x family has offerings in 300MHz, 800MHz and 1GHz options and well as optional 3D graphics acceleration for enhanced user interfaces

As part of the Sitara AM437x family, the new AM4376 processor contains a programmable real-time unit, industrial communications subsystem (PRU-ICSS) that offloads tasks from the ARM so developers can save cost and differentiate their designs. The PRU-ICSS can replace expensive FPGAs by handing the deterministic, real-time operations that an FPGA would perform in a control system. This PRU technology enables industrial automation protocols and motor position feedback control enabling applications that require real-time control of motors, actuators and sensors.
Developers can evaluate the Sitara AM437x processors with the AM437x evaluation module (EVM) or the AM437x industrial development kit (IDK) and decide which Sitara AM437x variant is best for their application. Developers also have access to software support including TI’s Processor SDK for Linux, as well as our Industrial software development kit for EtherCAT and position feedback control. Adeneo Embedded, a TI Design Network partner, is now offering Android KitKat 4.4.4 for AM437x.

The Sitara AM437x processors are now available for order entry at TI authorized distributors, including the new AM4376BZDND30 processor which sells for $7 in volume quantities. The AM437x EVM for general purpose (TMDXEVM437X) is available on the TI Store and through distribution for $599. The Industrial Development kit (TMDXIDK437X) is also available from the TI Store for $329.

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